Saturday, 20 August 2011


Meow, Purrr, hi thanks for coming to read my blog, thanks for all the lovely comments you have left for us, me and the girls did not get our beauty sleep for a while last night, Gypsy woke me up to tell me something was outside, what was I supposed to do about it I might be the oldest kitty but I am not the bravest, so I woke up Willow and asked her to have a look what a face she pulled,   " Tigerlily what on earth do you want, you haven't puked up a fur ball all over me again, have you " no I haven't Willow I will save that until  later, listen  there is something out side Gypsy woke me," well what do you want me to do about it," I thought you could go and have a look, you are so grumpy you are bound to scare it off, it will run a mile from you Willow, " where is Gypsy " " I am under the bed Willow, till you have a look for us please I am scared,"   " well I am not looking what a pair of scaredy kittys you two are."   Listen there it is I can hear it now, then brave Willow ran under the bed not so brave is she all talk really, then a louder noise, so I had to  to run under the beds to look after my girls, and then our door opened it was my mum Meow, Purrr, whats up kittys, oh you weren't  frightened of the owl it was out side very close up the tree it wont hurt you kittys dont worry settle down and get some sleep, night night dear kittys. me and the girls settled down Purrr, Purrr, and we soon went off to sleep, please come back and read my blog that will so very purrfect.  luv loads.

                                     TIGERLILY  X     WILLOW X    GYPSY  X

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  1. Owls can sound very scary so we think you were very sensible to stay under the bed.

    Oliver & Gerry