Monday, 6 February 2012


Yummy breakfast
Guinness & Murphy  ( in ink )
Wren in blackberry bush (acrylic)
Tigerlily we love to watch our mum painting
Meow purr, Hi at last I can catch up with all my lovely purrr, purrr, furends, I have got my mum who has been so very busy with her painting, and jewellery making on the typy, thing, Me and the girls have been really busy watching our dad sawing up wood to burn in the fire, he has done loads and loads it has got very cold in the last week, we had 2 big trees cut down the other day because they were so unsafe one of the trees was my mum and dads little human kittys first christmas tree she is 36 years old this year so it had grown for years but the fir tree sadly died so it had to come down but it is good firewood, me and Willow have been getting on really well lately she has been very caring and she has been really sweet to gypsy, Mum has been painting again, here are some of her paintings they were done a while ago the cat one is of 2 of my mums friends cats Guinness and Murphy, that went over the rainbow bridge, so my mum, used the photos that her friend had of them, and put them in to a garden scene  painting, it is all done in ink,  the other painting is of a little wren on a blackberry bush that is in acrylic, Me and the girls hope you will like to see the paintings, we love to watch, our mum and there are lots of other paintings and wall plaques  , well I am getting really tired so me and the girls need our beauty sleep we will be back very soon so please do come back and read my blog that will be so very purfect, love loads purrr purrr   Tigerlily x  Willow x Gypsy x 


  1. What a beautiful paintings!

    So nice to meet you all Purrrs Lars and Odin

  2. Hi you guys thanks for dropping by and reading my blog, my mum will be putting on a lot more of her paintings on my blog, she is so pleased that you like her paintings, please come back and visit again soon my mum said you kittys are so cute, meow purr Tigerlily, Willow, Gypsy,

  3. It looks like you girls are really enjoying that nommy breakfast! We really love those beautiful paintings; how fun that you get to watch your mom while she creates such masterpieces. :)