Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Tree feller

Hi there all of my furends meow purr, I do hope you are well, me and the girls have been enjoying the really lovely early spring weather we have had, my mum has been really busy but I have been keeping on so she would do a update for me, the other day there was such a lot of noise outside our house the girls made me look first, I said I still had such a lot of sleep that I needed to do, but willow being willow said as I am the man of the house I had to look, so I peeped out of our cat flap, and there was man high up the tree, and then some things fell off the tree, my mum came out to see us and told us not to worry the tree surgeons had come to make some of the trees around the house safe, me and the girls really enjoyed watching them cutting the branches off we climbed to the very top of our climbing frame to see all that was going on.  my mum took the pic it was very noisy but now the trees are down we can see the cows and calves when they are out. I have to eat up my yummy breky now I will be back very soon, so please come back and visit my blog that would be so very purfect love from Tigerlily x Willow x Gypsy x      ps my mums painting. Sheep in the woods
Yummy breky
That was jummy breky
Sheep in the woods  ( acrylic on canvas ) by my mum shirley


  1. Bet my doctor sure is glad she doesn't have to climb any trees to perform surgery. Can you picture it? A vet in a tree? Hehehe...

  2. Wow, just look at that tree doctor way up there! We are glad you had such a nice and delicious breakfast. :)

  3. Wow, that tree doctor is waaaay up there!! We don't think we could climb that high!

  4. Hello!! We just wanted to stop by and say concatulations on being picked as one of the six best cat blogs!! We hope we can become fellow cat friends with you!!

    Meows and Purrs from the all of us at Zee & Zoey's Chronicle Connection!!