Friday, 15 July 2011

Tigerlilys first Blog

Hello, I am so very pleased you have come to visit my very first Blog.   
 I have so very much to talk to you all about, my name is TIGERLILY 
I live in Dorset England UK, and I am a red point Birman, meow, purrrrr,
handsome as you can see in my picture of my model days, I was born on the 1st september 1999. So I will be 12 years old this year, mum says I am still purrrrfect, and very handsome, I live with my Mum and Dad they have had me since I was a small kitten, what fun that was climbing up there legs, and the new curtains. Mum and Dad made such a fuss when this tree they brought in and covered with all these ball things and sparkly toys all for me to jump up on, I know now that they do this every year and not to jump on it, but you have to have a laugh don't you, ( they are humans and very primitive) Dad is more than Mum, she says he is and was born in the caves during the stone age, that is cos he is really untidy a Neanderthal, Mum calls him, I have had to ask my Mum to type my blogs on her typy thing she is all ways on it, she says she does not mind as I  am such a chatterbox, meowww, purrrrrr, oh lovely our breakfast is here, I need my food growing boy you know, I will be back in a cats lick so please don't go away,  meowww, purrrr, oh I am so sorry I do hope I haven't kept you waiting to long, I had to wash my face again Mum has to keep reminding me she says to always keep my face clean, after I have eaten my food, lol yes I am learning the sayings, I find it very funny, that I get told to always, keep my face clean and of course my other parts, you see this is the really funny bit, I follow my Mum into the place with water and soap stuff, she then gets out a packet and cleans her face with wipe things, and then she gets a bag out and takes all day putting cream on her face and then some more different colour cream, then pink stuff on her mouth, and more stuff on her eyes, and then even more stuff on her cheeks, and takes ages fussing her hair, and then late at night she takes it all off again, not like me I look purrrrfect all the time, meow, purrrrr, tomorrow I will  introduce my sisters, so please come back and read my blog, I have really enjoyed talking to you, so please follow me, and I would love any pretty cats that would like to follow my blog that would be purrrfect, so back tomorrow, and many thanks for coming to visit, I must get my beauty sleep now, meowww,x purrrrrr.x luv  TIGERLILY XXX

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  1. Love it, look forward to your next blog Tigerlilly about you & your friends adventures