Saturday, 16 July 2011


Hello, meow, purrrr, I am so sleepy today, oh it is so very purrrfect to see you again, thanks for coming to visit my 2nd blog. I hope you had a very nice day yesterday, eating lots of lovely tasty yummy treats, and lots and lots of lovely purrr, purrr ,purrrfect beauty sleep, I  do hope you have washed your faces and behind your ears, my mum says not to mention the other bits, I had a lovely supper last night a nice bit of cod and place, purrr, purrr, really yummy, and I had a really good kip, you humans will never get as gorgeous as me if you dont get your beauty sleep. But I woke up this morning with a nasty yucky fur-ball and puked it up all over our beds!!. so I got told off again by my sister Willow,Here is a pic of Willow and me, I will tell you about her, pretty isent she, She was born in August 2002 & I luv her lots and lots, Meow, purrr, Just giving  her face a wash, she is such a madam,she says I have nasty fish  breath  & to go away, cos I will make her smell, She is a fine one to talk, my mum says that's like the" pot calling the kettle," she sometimes actually, quite often between you & I but dont, tell anyone cos I will get into trouble!! with Willow again, she does poos!! but not in the litter tray, my mum just said, TigerLily stop telling tales, silly mum that's why I  am writing a blog cos I have so much to chatter about, anyway where was I , washing I think, purrrr. purrrr, oh yes I remember my sister how can I forget, when she does poos!! not in the litter tray!!! and mum comes in to do the litter tray & feed us, Willow tells my mum that Tigerlily does the poos!!! why she rubs up against my mums legs & my mum is  cleaning up the nasty poos!! that she put there!!!! what a cheek. my mum says not to worry so much dear cos you are a purrrfect clean boy, with very good manners, my mum is always right, Willow says she blames me cos I sick up the fur-balls all over our beds, my mum told Willow that Tigerlily cant help it any way, she has changed my food now, my mum told Willow to stop blaming Tigerlily and to be a nice little girl, I need some more beauty sleep very very sleepy, it is still raining it has rained all night, lots & lots of wet stuff coming down, I am looking outside do you think we will need a boat, were did I get to, oh my dear little sister, she is looking down her nose at me, she wants to blog sometimes, my mum says only if she is being nice, that will be the day, fat chance of that, anyway Willow is a pedigree birman like me, she is my half sister same dad, she is a sealpoint, and we both have big blue eyes, as beautiful as a summers day, not today thou, I am getting more worried about the wet stuff still coming out of the sky, my mum says you worry far to much TigerLily but we really will need a boat, my mum just said its not that much rain dear, but I cant swim!!!! & its still raining oh dear!!!  thats not nice Willow, dont be so unkind to TigerLily, Willow just said you need to get your life-jacket on TigerLily, its going to get very very very deep, out side how will you cope Tigerlily what will you do you could get washed out to sea & eaten, by one of those fishes you so like to eat, she is having another wash cos she says she can still smell the fish were I gave her a wash, I going to cuff her one in a min she is making me sooooo very cross!!  my mum says stop swabbling you two, so you can see how Willow gets  me in trouble, but I do luv her, meow, purrr, she is so purrrrfect, we have been together ever since she was brought home as a small kitten so cute, what went wrong, We always cuddle up together at night cos Willow is scared of spiders just like my mum so I  have to look after my girls in the family I  am the man,  as well as my dad, I am getting sooo very tired now I really must get to bed my mum has put a clean cover on just for me, I need my beauty sleep, my mum needs to put this on her typy thing that she is always on, so please come back tomorrow, so I can tell you about my other sister, please follow my blog, meow, purrrr, purrrr, that will be so very purrrfect.       luv TigerLily xxx 
                               PS please take a look at my nice new astore below my blogs its called TigerLily the blogging cats store. xxx         

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