Monday, 18 July 2011


Hi, you lovely friends, meow, purrrr, I  am looking for my dear little sister, Gypsy she was up there a min a go, have you seen her,  had a long kip yesterday, meow, purrr, purrrfect. so I did no blog  my mum had to go with my dad and visit her human kitten, it was her birthday she is a big kitten now, but very cute, happy birthday kitten, see you soon. xxxx
            Ah there you are sweety, this is my darling sister Gypsy,  she is not my real sister but I love her loads and loads, meow, purrr, she is my very purrrfect friend, here is a pic of her when she was very tiny.
        She is a Maine-coon  cat and was born in june 2004 when she was brought here, she was so tiny so I could not play my Marshall arts with her, my mum said " Tigerlily you must be very gentle with your little sister she is so tiny" we have lots of games now, tomorrow I will put a pic of her now, taken last week on my blog, we have had some more rain today but not enough for my life jacket, I did not wash away, so Willow can be quite, meow, purrr, my lovely dinner is here, got to it eat all up please come back tomorrrow, meow, purrr, that will be very purrrfect.
                        luv loads TIGERlILY XXX

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  1. Tigerlily, you probably need to be gentle with little bittie kitteh Maine Coons because they tend to grow up into really BIG Maine Coons.