Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Hi, meow, purrr, how are you all today, have you had lots of tasty dinners and yummy treats, Willow and I have, its been yummy, and my dearest friend Gypsy has had lots of tasty treats as well, the girls Willow and Gypsy had a really scary night I had to rescue them, poor things a really enormous spider crawled over us in our beds, I think he had hobnail boots on it felt like!!!!, I had to cuff it one, cos my girls were terrified, it was good job my mum was fast asleep cos she is very scared of spiders!!! as well, well it ran away to scare some one else, tonight I promised my girls that I will keep watch in case, it comes back and gets me, I told my mum and she said  " its nice you are being protective of your dear little sisters, but I expect the spider was just as scared as you were, so I don't expect it will come back dear so don't worry to much TigerLily." my mum gave be a lovely cuddle this morning, meow, purrr, purrr, very purrfect.after I told her about the spider, and she tried to cuddle Willow, but as usual she had Willow mood on what a shame, to be like it with my mum, but dear Gypsy loved her cuddle, she loves her tummy rubbed, I told you about her in my last, blog here is her pic.
She is so pretty and and so kind to me always, meow, purrr, and when Willow picks on me all the time,Gypsy   was so nice to me, when Willow told me I was going to be washed out to sea, when it rained for ages, so its lovely having her here with me, meow purrr, purrr, please come back and  visit my next blog, that will be so very purrfect, I need my beauty sleep and so do the girls. Bye for now, luv loads Tigerlily xxx                            

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