Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Tigerlily the blogging cat

  Meow, purrr, hi lovely friends how are you today, me and the girls had a visit last night, not by the spider, thank goodness, I did not want to have to face it again I had nightmares!!! about it yesterday, when I was tring to get my beauty sleep, please don't tell the girls and my mum, but I am really scared of them,!!!!   when  Gypsy heard something she woke me up so I had a look around but didn't find anything, just got back to my beauty sleep and bang, we all jumped out of our skin, WIllow said go on clever clogs,go and sort it out your the boss cat, and there it was a tall thing in a long coat thing, all my fur stood up on my back, I wish I wasn't the boss cat, the creature moved towards me, I went to stand my ground but it got closer, so I darted back through the cat flap, help I shouted!!! It's after me, " scaredy cat tigerlily I. Expect it's a ghost after you  cos you didn't get washed out to sea the other day.           And then we heard the door open very slowly willow and gypsy clung on to me, or did I cling on to them, and then the creature spoke," hi chaps just checking you are ok the power has gone off" it was our dad we were so purr, purr, meow pleased it wasn't the ghost,so we were over our dad like a rash. my mum said " willow you are so naughty sometimes,teasing dear tigerlily"  anyway we soon got back to our beauty sleep, please come back to read my next post so lovely to talk to you all, meow, purrr, that will be so very  purrrfect, have a lovely day, meow, purr, luv loads Tigerlily xxx


  1. Hi Tigerlily & Gypsy!! We are very pleased to meet you!! We'll be back to catch up on you two!! Welcome to Cat Blogging!
    Your TX furiends,

  2. Hello you three! It's nice to meet you, we live in the UK too. Looks like you have a lovely life with lots of fun and sleep, which is definately what all cats need

    Gerry & Oliver