Thursday, 21 July 2011


Hi there my lovely, purr, purr, friends how are you today, my mum is on the typy thing so I am trying to find Gypsy and Willow while my mum does my blog, I had a nice lot of beauty sleep and a yummy breakfast, I wanted to practice my martial arts on the girls, but I cant find them, are you up there Willow come on lets have a game, come on Gypsy, I  can hear you up there. 
        I will have a wash while I  am waiting for those naughty girls, they do this a lot when I want a game, oh well I better have a wash now, purrr, purrr, my mum says " thats a good boy tigerlily your face really needs a good wash," I am always washing my face, sometimes I leave it and than my mum cleans it off with this wet thing all over!!!, and then Willow said I look like a old wet rag, after my mum washes me.
           Come on you two I am getting so tired, waiting so long for you, my mum says " Tigerlily I think that's what Willow and Gypsy want so I should have a nice sleep dear," oh well that meow, purrr, sounds like a really good idea, I will have game with them  tomorrow, meow, purrr, this is really lovely, very very sleepy now, please come back very soon for my next post, meow, purrr, that will be so very purrfect, luv loads, TIGERLILY XXX

ps, if those girls want a game now, I am not playing, need my beauty sleep, purrr, purrr, xxx

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