Friday, 22 July 2011


Gypsy & Willow
Meow, purrr, hi my lovely friends, been very busy today lots to do, my mum said "sorry tigerlily I will do your blog later cos I have lots of housework to do as it is my day off" how can it be my mums day off if she has to do housework funny day off,!!!  meow purrr, anyway my mum found some photos of our dear doggy friends when they were younger, so you can see how very meow, purrr, cute they are, they are German Shepherd dogs and so very nice to me and the girls, they come in to our cat house to see us a lot,  we love them lots and lots.    Meow, purrr, this is a pic of  Denzil and Merlin when he was quite small in 2007 he was a little menace, but my mum said "he is a beautiful  little boy"    Gypsy, Willow and me thought you would like to see the pics,  Merlin loved running off with my mums shoes, and our toys, it was lots of fun for him, we played hide and seek a lot, meow purrr,
Denzil & Merlin
                                          Merlin has very long hair now he is like a big cuddly bear. We will show you a latest pic of him soon.  Denzil is a short haired boy and he is a dear boy as well and very gentle with us, he loved to play a lot when he was a puppy as well, he is 2 years older than Merlin.   Meow purrr my dear little sister Willow is busy sleeping now, so I expect she will show her face tomorrow, well my friends its dinner time now so nothing must go to waste, ah Willow heard that, so please come back and read my blog it is so lovely having friends, meow, purrr, that is so very purrrfect, luv loads
                                                     TIGERLILY xxx
                                                  ps, my mum calls Denzil and Merlin the velcro twins cos they follow her around everywhere, they are so very loyal her shadows how sweet,   xx


  1. Hi Tigerlily, Gypsy and Willow!

    Thank you for sharing about your woofie friends with us! Denzel and Merlin sound so nice. And they are so handsome, too.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Awwwwww!!! Woofies!! We have a woofie brother that visits us sometimes and he is lots of fun!!
    Your TX furiends,

  3. Do you and Merlin & Denzel play together very much any more?