Saturday, 23 July 2011


Meow, purrr, purrr, hi lovely friends we hope you have had a really super duper day and have had lots of tasty yummy treats, and lots of purrfect beauty sleep, me and the girls have, my mum and dad  had to save a little feathered friend today from our cat house, it got trapped, my mum had come in this morning with our, meow, purrr, yummy breakfast, and when my mum started to clean out our litter tray and clean our bedroom, Willow started jumping around at something, so my mum said "what are you doing Willow dear come on now and eat all of your breakfast" but she would not leave the corner of our house, my mum got down on the floor to have a look and then she said," no Willow you cant have that its a baby robin I will have to get it out, Willow did not as usual want to do any thing my mum tells her, so my mum called dad in to help, my dad had a look and said " oh dear the poor little chap has got well and truly stuck in behind the wall I will  get some tools we will get it out, we are not leaving it the poor little thing will die" my mum stayed with us to stop Willow trying to get it, she said she is only helping but Willow doesn't ever help, only her self, well after my dad did a bit of rearranging, we put every thing back together afterwards, I had to give him a hand, I love doing diy jobs, meow, purrr, the little baby robin got taken out into the garden," my mum said you could hear the mum calling her baby so  my dad released the little chap near by so we hope it will be ok, so that was our day our little adventure. my mum said "she is so glad the little baby had been saved, so are we its really nice it is ok, meow, purrr,    oh its our dinner time now, so please come back to visit, that will be so very meow, purrrfect  have a lovely day, meow, purrr, luv loads,
                                     TIGERLILY xxx
                                WILLOW & GYPSY XX

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  1. Crikey, what an adventure. Our ape is very glad the that baby Robin was saved, but we feel sorry for you because you missed out on a tasty snack.

    Gerry & oliver