Sunday, 7 August 2011



Meow, Purrr, hi there how lovely to see you, me and the girls have had a really lazy purrr, sleepy day today, we have had yummy brekky and yummy treats and a very yummy supper, Meow, Purrr, me and the girls and my mum and dad and our woofy friends they barked for a while, got woken up last night by two very noisy playful fox cubs in the garden they were outside the bedroom windows, making a lot of noise I was scared at first, but my mum said its" ok Tigerlily they wont hurt you dear they are just play fighting  Willow was really frightened she ran under our beds and would not come out until this morning she was really grumpy saying she had no sleep all night, so we have all been sleeping most of the day, the girls are still  sleeping  scuse I need a wash Purrr, Purrr, my mum told me to wash and to stop forgetting to wash my face, so I had better get on and wash it again and again and again I hope that is better, I had better do it again, Purrr, Purrr, " its ok Tigerlily that looks much better dear" thanks for coming to visit please come back and read my blog that will be so very purrrfect, luv loads.

                              Tigerlily x    Willow x    Gypsy x


  1. Fox cubs outside tha window sound a bit skeery to me, Tigerlily. I dunno. Maybe cause I was a homeless feral kitten when I got rescued, but I love to be indoors. With other cats. And no outside creatures.
    You's furry brave.
    Love & Purrs,

  2. Wow, we get lots of critters in our yard, but never foxes!! We're sorry they kept you awake, but we bet they would be fun to see!!

  3. You might want to stay away from foxes. They would likely consider a tender little kittie a nice meal.

  4. Fox cubs outside the window? Better there than in the house. Be safe.

  5. Just found your blog thingy! Very Nice! One of my minions is also named Tiger Lily, but you seem much less smackable than her. Looking forward to getting to know you :)

  6. Nice to mett you all. Fox cubs are ok through the window but we wouldn't like to meet them nose to nose!
    Luv Hannah and Lucxy xx xx

  7. We don't thinks we would like foxes in our garden. We thinks Fenris could chase them off for us though. Hope you have a good day.

  8. We heard about you guys over at the Cat Blogosphere, and came over to say hi. :)

    Wow, you have foxes outside your window? We have them in our area, but very rarely see them in our yard (mostly deer, squirrels and birds -- not that we're compaining, mind you)!

    Have a great day.