Saturday, 6 August 2011




MEOW, PURRR, Hello how lovely to see you, hope you have a great day and  you have done lots and lots of purrrfect things, my mum is on the typy thing and has found out some pics of us when we were kittens, you have already seen the pic of Gypsy it is the only one she can find at the moment, Willow looks really cute and playful we had fun when she came here first, when it was time to put the tree thing up " Christmas Tigerlily it was the Christmas tree I remember it well I had just finished putting it up and putting all the decorations, on it until you two decided that it needed rearranging," I remember it was Willow," yes dear with a lot of help from you "she wanted to get to the top of the tree, she got tangled up in the tinsel so I had to give her a hand, some ball things fell on the floor and then I got caught in the tinsel, oh dear Willow got to the very top of the tree and got to the thing there it looked like a toy, " it was the fairy that I always put on the top of the Christmas tree Tigerlily" well Willow hooked it off and it fell down, and then all the sparkly lights were so very pretty I really love staring at them so I wasn't watching little Willow and then it started to sway the tree oh know!! and then crash down it came in a muddle all over my mums carpet, my mum came rushing in, "are you  ok kitty's you little tinkers, I will have to put it all back up now"  I tried after that to keep  Willow off she did that Christmas but then after that we had Gypsy and that is another story, it took my poor mum ages to put it all back together again, that was ages ago now, I am getting soooo very tired now, it will be supper time soon Meow, Purrr, I  must get some beauty sleep, thats what the girls are doing so please come back and read my blog that will be so very purrrfect luv loads.

Tigerlily x      Willow x    Gypsy x

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  1. What adorable little kittens you all were.
    It's fun to look back at those, it always makes mine Mommy ML go "squeeeeeeeee". That never gets old. Hee hee.
    Love & Purrs,