Friday, 5 August 2011



Meow, Purrr, hi my friends thanks so much for coming to read my blog, it is so very nice to see you, well its our woofy friend Merlin's birthday today he is 4 years old and we all sang happy birthday to him, he has been playing with his toys all day, and just being his cute self  Meow, Purrr, me and the girls helped my mum rescue a really pretty butterfly it had got it self caught in a spiders web, my mum saved it and it flew back into the buddleia bush that is outside our house there is always lots of very pretty butterflys in there this time of the year and bumble bees, and wasps my mum is scared of them she fell into a wasp nest a few years ago and got stung about 100 times really nasty, now she keeps well away from wasps, I don't blame her, stop it Willow, she is not being very nice to Gypsy today I will have to have a word, " stop it you two no fighting I am getting your supper for you " oh goody Purrr, scuse I need to have a wash, we will have  our yummy supper, Meow, Purrr, please come back and read my blog that will be so very purrfect,
                                luv loads,
          TIGERLILY X     WILLOW X     GYPSY X      MERLIN X         DENZIL X   MISSY X

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