Thursday, 4 August 2011


Meow, Purrr, Hello my friends we hope you are all very well and you have had a very purrrfect day, me and Gypsy are having a chat, about the woofys they have just been in to have visit with us, they are now  out playing  with my dad, Willow is now having to have another wash cos Merlin licked her all over, just after she had, a wash!!, she is not happy, but then that is Willow for you, Merlin brought in his toy pheasant to show us he loves carrying it around all the time he also loves an old ball on a string, my mum and dad throw it for him he brings it back so they can throw it again, purrrfect, Denzil doesn't really carry things around like Merlin he is a lot more laid back, they are both cool dudes and we love them both very purrr, much. scuse I need to go to the litter tray, No I dont want a pic taken of me in here dad, thanks all the same, so you can go and throw Merlin's toys for him," oh don't worry Tigerlily dad is only teasing you dear, I am going to get your supper now kittys " oh yummy Meow, purrr, thats great, please come back and read my blog that will be so very purrrfect, luv loads.

           TIGERLILY X      WILLOW X      GYPSY X    MERLIN X       DENZIL X

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