Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Meow, Purrr, how lovely to see you, we hope you have had a great day, and have been busy doing all the things you love to do, just like me and the girls, eating meow, purrr, supper time yummy, purrrfect supper and then there is breakfast, and some treats, yummy, we are having our woofy friends come in to play tomorrow, that is fun, I hope you all liked me telling you about missy she has settled very well here, she eats well and loves to talk to my mum and dad and they love her very much she needed some TLC and she gets plenty of that, she does have a small piece clipped out of the top of her left ear, as she is a feral cat my mum has wondered if she has been caught up and taken to the vet to be neutered and then released back out into the wild my mum read somewhere that they, when they check them over and neuter the cats, they clip the ear so they know that that feral cat has been done and they don't have to disturb them again, that does make a lot of sense,  my mum asks  if any one does know if that is what happens that would be great if you can post a comment, we are in England UK. that would be very helpful, and that would be so  purrrfect  if my mum could find out for certain, well I have to get on with my yummy supper and my mum is giving us some treats as well Meow, Purrr, so I cant miss them just in case Willow eats mine,!!! any way please come back and read my blog that will be so very purrrfect, love loads.


  1. Hello, Missy! You are very pretty.

    Here in the US, they do tip the ear of a feral cat when it is fixed so that people will know that it has been fixed. It's probably the same in the UK too.

  2. Oops lost the comment! So here it is again.

    Yes, in the UK we do tip the ears of ferals who have been spayed or neutered under TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return).

    We think the big charities such as PDSA, Blue Cross and Cats Protection as well as small set ups and individuals working with feral cats, all use this too.

    Missy is on on to a good thing with your Mum & Dad ;)