Tuesday, 2 August 2011


 Meow, Purrr, Hello my friends, how nice you have come back to read my blog, it has been another lovely sunny day me and the girls have been sunbathing, on the top of our climbing frame, purrfect, well my mum is on the typy thing so I will tell you more on our visitor, well we heard more meowing during the night, my mum had come out see if the kitty had eaten any of the food, she had put out for it it had been raining so hard it had washed away," we will see if the kitty will come back tomorrow as it was quite late," we were all tucked up cosy in our beds, my mum went to get ready for bed,  she still had the bedside light on so she could read a mag as she lay down to read there was a noise outside, then another sound, my mum got up to have a look, then she opened the window and something ran off, my mum went to get the torch to have a look but nothing there, she waited ages and still nothing so turned off the light to get some sleep, and then some time later,  was awoken with banging and scratching on the bedroom window, my mum got up quickly, it was still pouring with rain, and still windy, as she opened the window my mum thought there was something on the window ledge, my mum leaned out of the window and there was kitty sat at the far end of the ledge, looking really soaking wet, my mum spoke to the kitty for a while, and went to get some food and a drink, she slid the double cat dish along the ledge, at first the kitty backed away and jumped of the ledge, and then it got back up and came towards the food meowing loudly, and then it started to eat the food and then had a drink all the time my mum spoke gently to it, so to keep it calm, my mum reached out to take the dish back in as it had eaten everything, the kitty still sat on the ledge my mum reached out to it then it backed off again, so my mum waited talking to it all the time, leaving her arm along the ledge, very slowly the kitty came closer, and then it rubbed its head up against my mums arm as if to say thanks for the food, " your very welcome dear my mum said  you have travelled very far for a long time now you are tired I expect with this horrid weather, you can stop here any time you like, we are your friends, it was nearly daylight before my mum went to sleep, the kitty came back every night for a while and had food, and then it got more confident it moved it self into our garden shed, and she is still here now that was about 14 months ago now, she is a feral cat and has adopted us as her family and has learnt to trust us as well she doesn't come near us kittys cats are not her Favourites by the look of her she has been in plenty of cat fights, its my mum and dad she loves and has settled well here she can come and go as she wishes but she has chosen to stay she has a really soft bed and some where cosy and dry and plenty to eat what more can a kitty want she is wary of  the woofys but my mum doesn't let them go to close to her, any way she is now called Missy. and here above is a pic my dad took today, my mum says she is a very loveable kitty and we are happy she is here, Meow Purrr, we have to have our supper now, so please come back and read my blog that will be so very purrrfect love loads.
    TIGERLILY X         WILLOW X       GYPSY X               MISSY X


  1. Good to know Missy has someone looking out for her. As two adopted strays, we want to tell her "Missy, trust those beans, and remember: IN is better."

  2. Missy was very lucky to have chosen your house to come to for help and food. She is a lovely cat. She must have been spayed at some point but it doesn't look like she has an ear tip. Did your Mum and Dad get her spayed? We hope Missy has a long and happy life with you all and that one day she decides to come inside.

    Oliver & Gerry