Monday, 1 August 2011


Meow, Purrr, how lovely to see you, hope you have had a really lovely day, have you had some lovely treats,  purrr, my mum gave us some more of those yummy treats, again today we really love them, I was really cross with Willow she took and ate 2 of mine so I will do the same tomorrow with hers, " stop fighting you two I will get you some more in a min Tigerlily"  ok now were was I yesterday, oh yes our mystery kitty well, my mum went to get the torch to see if she could see the poor little thing, me and the girls were watching from the top of our climbing frame, I could hear my mum calling out to the kitty who was meowing very loudly, the rain was coming down really heavy and the wind was blowing so hard, my mum was getting so wet, but she still kept calling the kitty then my mum came out to the back garden, I think it might have come this way,  you chaps need to go on into your beds, it is such a horrid night go on back in the warm I will get some food for cat and see if it will come and eat it this time". my mum went to get some food, the girls went on back indoors in the warm, I wanted to see if my mum was alright, she went back out to the back garden, the kitty was crying out so much it sounded so very sad, my mum said "the poor thing has had enough of being so cold and wet, I have put down some food for it Tigerlily,  but the rain is washing it back out and I cant get the cat to come close enough, I will leave it there and come back out a bit later it might come and eat when I go in, I need to get out of these wet cloths you need to come in now with your sisters dear,"  I went back in and settled down with Willow and Gypsy, the kitty had gone quite and I was soon off to sleep. 
                        Any way that was how it was that night, I will have to tell you more tomorrow my mum is going to get us our dinner Meow, Purrr, and some more treats so I must have my wash, purrr, so please come back and read my blog that will be so very purrrfect luv loads,

         TIGERLILY X               WILLOW X            GYPSY X

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