Sunday, 31 July 2011



 Meow, Purrr, Hello my friends how so very nice of you to come and see my blog, Its another bright hot sunny day just like summer should be, and we have all been chilling, my mum went to work this morning, and is now got a week off so, having a nice holiday at ourgate my mum says " it is nice to just be home with us lot and just chill"  my mum is on the typy thing so I will tell you a bit more about our visitor, a few weeks went on past and then, it was  really horrid, it had rained all day I  thought we would need our life jackets as it was so bad, my mum had been in with our supper, so we were nice and cosy in our beds, you could hear the rain hitting the roof, and the wind blowing very hard, my mum said, " don't worry my dears it wont come in here the bad weather, you are nice and cosy so get some sleep I have to go to work now"
                         A bit later my mum came back from work, my dad had picked her up, it was still pouring with rain, really heavy and it did not seem to want to stop, as my mum came up the garden path, she heard this cat sound really loudly almost desperate for help, she thought it was us and came in to our house, we were fine and cosy in our beds, but we had heard the kitty, my mum said" oh thank goodness you are all ok this weather is terrible", and then we heard it again, the loud meowing, my mum went to get a torch it was so dark out there!!!  we have lights in our house so it is nice and cosy and warm in here I need to go and wash, now cos I need my beauty sleep, I will tell you more tomorrow, Meow, Purrr, please come back and read my blog, that will be so very purrfect,

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