Saturday, 30 July 2011


 Meow, Purrr, hi there my friends, hope you have had a purrfect day, and done lots of lovely things and ate lots of yummy treats, me and the girls have my mum bought us some treats, they were biscuit things with tasty meat inside, I really enjoyed them, my mum and dad  bought them when they went shopping, and they bought our wooffy friends some nice treats as well, Meow, Purrr, well I was telling you in my last post about our mystery kitty that was watching us, it was a few weeks before we saw it watching again and my mum, called it and this time it came over the road and came up the other side of our fence, it was meowing very loudly for ages, my mum put some food out for it but it did not want it," I dont expect it has ever eaten cat food like you have Tigerlily, so it wont really know what it is, my mum waited for a while but the kitty meowed again for a few mins and went on its way again," it will only come close if it wants to and knows that we can be trusted Tigerlily it hasn't been pampered like you lot" Meow, Purrr, scuse me I need to have a little wash, before I go and have my beauty sleep, the girls I see are all ready  asleep, I will tell you more about kitty next time, my mum is going to watch a film tonight but it is a ghost film," I hope I can sleep after I watch it Tigerlily only sometimes things make me jump if I hear any thing in the night" oh dear that would make me jumpy as well, Meow, Purrr, I am off for my sleep please come back and read my blog, that would be very purrrfect, so pleased you have come to visit, luv loads,
                                                                                           TIGERLILY X WILLOW X GYPSY X

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  1. We're glad that your Mum fed the mystery cat. We hope he or she has a home to go to. Do you live in your cat house all the time or do you live in the house with your Mum & Dad and the dawgs?

    Gerry & Oliver