Friday, 29 July 2011



Meow, purrr, Hi thanks so much for coming to see us, Its lovely and sunny here today, Did you like the film of our feral cat, my mum is on the typy thing so I can tell you a bit more well the kitty, watched my mum, and us because it was opposite our cat house  when it was filmed, my mum saw it again the next day, it was meowing quite loudly and then it went on somewhere else,  it did not come over the road, my mum told us that feral cats don't hang around  to much and it would not come any closer, Meow, purrr, scuse me please I need to go to my litter tray, oh there is, oh its you Gypsy, don't be long dear I
really do need to go, " ok I wont be long. "                                                                                                    
                           " Tigerlily why cant you wait until you
                   have done your blog, I am  so embarrassed" I cant wait Willow, I have to go now, at least I use the litter tray that is more than you do, you did not use it again last night!!, " stop arguing you two, if Tigerlily needs to go he does Willow" oh dear Willow has gone off to bed in a sulk, I will have to go off to bed soon getting very purrr, sleepy, now were was I oh our visitor, well it was about a week later and the kitty came back and my mum took this pic. the kitty looks very nice, Meow, Purrr, anyway I need to get some beauty sleep, I will tell you some more on our mystery visitor, so please come back and Meow, Purrr, visit my blog, that would be so very purrrrfect, come on Gypsy lets get some kipp it will be dinner time soon, luv loads.

                      TIGERLILY, X   WILLOW, X
                              GYPSY, X

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  1. That looks like a very big, very black kittie. We hope you and your Mum get more friendly with it. The world can always use more black cats.