Thursday, 28 July 2011


Meow, Purrr, Hello, so very pleased to see you this, bright and sunny day, as you can see I am very busy today, getting my meow, purrr, beauty sleep, me and the girls had yummy tuna for our brekky and last night we had chicken, very yummy. Willow and gypsy are sitting with my mum while she is on the typy thing, doing my blog.      Today I want to tell you all about the very strange visit we had here, my mum thought she was being watched for a long time everyday when she was coming out to do us, something was watching her, now and again the branches used to move and there was the sound of twigs snappy over the road, we live out in the country so the animals you would see here are, foxes, badgers, deer, squirrel, so my mum wondered what it was, so the next day after my mum had fed us, and cleaned out our litter tray, she sat out near the patio very  quietly, with the camera,  and waited me and the girls were ready to run through the cat flap, it might be after us, " no Tigerlily its not after you, stop worring dear" my mum waited a while, and then she heard the noise again, my mum got ready with the camera, for a while she could not see any thing and then it came out into the clearing opposite, she then recorded this film, my mum says to tell you she is not an expert film maker, but is just how it was the first time, she saw, the feral cat, there is a lot more to tell you another day about our visitor, I really must get my beauty sleep, so that would be be Meow, purrr, very purrrfect if you can come back and read my blog, have a lovely day, luv loads.

                                                TIGERLILY, WILLOW AND GYPSY

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