Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Meow, purrr, hi there it is so lovely of you to come and visit my blog, hope you are all well and have had a very nice day, we have had a nice day here, Willow has been really nice today, she is a really sweet girl when she is nice, quite cute really, Meow, Purrr,  we had some nice yummy treats again today with our brekky very tasty, Willow is busy washing while my mum is on the typy thing, and Gypsy is lying on the climbing frame right at the very top, lying on her back catching the sun, she really loves that, she spends hours up there, dear sweet Gypsy, Meow, Purrr.      
           The boys our wooffy friends came in the cat house today to see us, Meow, Purrr, its always so very purrrfect to see them, they are usually sat outside our house so we talk to them everyday, but my mum brought them in today,  we showed you the pics of Denzil and Merlin, taken when Merlin was very small, the other day, my mum thought it would be nice to put the latest pics of the boys for you all to see," Merlin is like a great big cuddly bear", my mum says, he has a very long coat, Denzil is very cute as well, he has a very short coat, and his colour is silver sable, here is the pics, what handsome boys aren't they they are always very good company and always nice to the girls, hope you like the pics, we have to go for our beauty          
                        sleep now, I need to keep up my good looks you know, so thanks for visiting my blog it so exciting that lots of friends are reading my blog, its very Meow, Purrr, purrrfect, please come back again for a visit, luv loads,

                TIGERLILY, WILLOW, GYPSY,
and the boys,      DENZIL, and  MERLIN


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