Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Meow, Purrr, Hi lovely friends we hope you have had a really purrrfect day, we were three scardy kittys this morning, my mum had been in to feed us clean out the litter tray, and tidy up, just between us don't tell any one will you but Willow has not done a poo outside the litter tray for 3 days, my mum thinks that's great and so do we, good girl Willow. We had ate our yummy breky and Gypsy was having her wash and so was Willow, I had had my wash, yes I have washed my face this morning, have you, and did you wash behind your ears, "Tigerlily stop asking so many questions they are private dear"(my mum is on the typy thing for me, so I can tell you what happend )so I was having a nice drink of water, come on girls lets go and get some beauty sleep, meow, purrr, I then heard a lot of noise up above in the trees, there were a lot of birds there squawking, much more than normal, earlier the pigeons were cooing, my mum says" she loves the sound of them cooing, they sound so happy" but this was the sound of lots of birds loud ones, squawking, and then there was a loud crashing noise on our roof, and then this huge big creature fell on to the patio outside our cat house, I was so scared, Gypsy tore through  the cat flap followed hot on her hills by Willow, I was right behind them, there was no way I was hanging around!!!  " meow meow, is it going to get us Tigerlily what is it" I don't know, Gypsy, Willow had run under our beds out of site, "I am not coming out till that scary thing has gone, meow, meow, I peeped through the cat flap it was still there looking at me, can it get in, oh no its so big, Gypsy come on we will go under the beds with Willow, there was a lot of noise going on out side,
and lots of flapping sounds, me and the girls were so scared," its not the baby robin come back is it Tigerlily got really big"!!, no Willow, cant be they are only little birds.
           More flapping outside, and then my mum comes in the door into our bedroom," Where are you kitty's it is ok now, it was a buzzard, the crows had been tormenting the poor thing, its flown away now, it must have crashed into the trees. I will find a pic of a buzzard so you can tell everyone what happened Tigerlily come on then you can have cuddle poor things, it was scared as well it was very lucky that it was not badly hurt" my mum gave us all a cuddle, Meow, purrr, purrr," you can have your sleep now kittys sweetdreams" so that was todays adventure, meow, purrr, very sleepy now, please come and visit my blog that will be so very purrfect,  luv loads,
                                                             TIGERLILY WILLOW & GYPSY   xxx
PS here is the pic of the Buzzard my mum found to show you so huge, my mum says they are very handsome birds. it was a good job it flew away unharmed, luv TIGERLILY XXX    

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  1. That must have been an exciting morning. We hope that buzzard has a nice life somewhere else than your yard.