Monday, 25 July 2011


Meow, Purrr, hi there how lovely of you to come and visit us, my lovely friends, we have had a very busy day today, I have just got my mum to get out the typy thing to tell you all about it, my mum came in as usual this morning with our yummy breky she done our litter tray and tidied up our beds, I had done another fur-ball puke all over Willow, she was not a happy bunny, my mum was going out of the door, "see you later chaps, oh were is my earring I have lost it, my mum came back in, and we had a look all over the place, Gypsy me and my mum, I asked Willow to help, and all I got from her, I am not helping I have to wash again I still stink of that horrid puke you did all over me again Tigerlily, how is it that you never puke on Gypsy!!!! its always me, its so unfair," oh Willow stop being  such madam, and come and help us find my earring these are my favorite ones, " " nope I have to wash,"  "oh dear I will have to come back later I still have oli our (parrot) to do the boys ( Denzil and Merlin) and get dads breakfast yet, I will have to have another look later, can you keep having a look sweetys" Gypsy and me had another look, but we had to have a nap this is really hard trying to find  my mums earring I hope we can find it later, very sleepy,  Meow, Purrr,
            "Hi guys any luck have you found my earring", my mum came in to our sleeping area, she was stroking Gypsy and me and then, Willow jumped down to get a drink, there was a sound of something falling on the floor, " ah what was that Willow, she rubbed up against my mums legs purring oh good girl you have found it, thank goodness I really thought it was lost for ever, thanks darling you are such a good girl, I will be back later ok,"   that was so nice of you Willow to find my mums earring, " MEOW, I did not find it Tigerlily I was hiding it all the time," mums silly she would not guess would she, she is stupid," Willow how horrid are you today" she is just being Willow!!. Gypsy, just being Willow oh dear, what a girl, well better go and get some more beauty sleep very tired had a  hard day, please come back and read my blog Meow, Purrr, that would be very purrrfect luv loads,
                                                                                TIGERLILY, WILLOW, and GYPSY. XXX

PS, WILLOW is the silly one my mum is typing this on the typy thing she knows everything Willow is up to what a girl,!!!

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  1. Hi Tigerlily, Gypsy and Willow!! You all are very cute and we hope you are having a lovely day!!