Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Meow, Purrr, how very lovely to see you, my lovely friends, my mum is on the typy thing so I can have a chat with you I really love chatting, I would talk a lot more but a fellow like me has to eat and sleep lots, me and the girls hope you all had a really lovely," WORLD CAT DAY"  yesterday, my mum said  "all the beautiful kittys deserve to have a very special day" Meow, Purrr. The lights worked and kept the foxes away last night, so we all had our beauty sleep, my dad said " he slept like a log and woke up in the fireplace" my dad is always telly silly jokes he is a funny man, we have all had a groom this morning my mum bought some new brushes for us they are really nice,  but I had to have my face washed again, nasty wet face horrid, cos you  needed it again Tigerlily," now Willow be nice to your brother" we all had some yummy treats after my mum groomed us Purrr,  they were so very nice, me and the girls are lying up on the top of our climbing frame  now and soaking up the lovely sun, its coming through the trees and my mum says how pretty it looks shining down on the lovely flowers, we are all getting really sleepy chilling up here, Purrr, Purrr, please come back and read my blog, my mum said "Tigerlily we have had a lovely lot of friends come and visit your blog that is so very exciting" thank you all for coming by to visit my blog and that is so very purrrfect. luv loads.

                                              Tigerlily x  Willow x  Gypsy x

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  1. Tigerlily, you looks so very lovely, lying in the sun! We are happy to get to know you.
    Taz, Runt, and Charles