Saturday, 13 August 2011


Meow, Purrr, hi there how lovely of you to come and see us, hope you are enjoying your weekend and have had lots of yummy treats, and beauty sleep we all need  loads of  Purrr, Purrr, that,  my mum has found out some more pics of us and is on the typy thing so I can tell you about the pics.     " You have always got a lot to say Tigerlily haven't you a lot of nonsense I expect,"  I don't talk nonsense Willow, you are the one that talks rubbish. and you did a poo outside of the clean litter tray this morning.!! "Oh I am going for a wash so I don't have to listen to you. "  You two stop bickering  now, if you want me to type what you are saying Tigerlily and Willow you can stop picking on your brother and you stop picking on your sister Tigerlily"      Off she goes through the cat flap little madam," Tigerlily dont say any more she will only be grumpy all night dear and you will upset her." Ok Gypsy I wont tease her, for a while anyway, well my mum found these pics of when we were much younger, I loved this water thingy  my mum used to have in the kitchen I used to have a lot of fun with that, hooking the crystals off that my mum had put around the water thingy, that was real fun, it stopped working after a while, and we dont have now.   Scuse I need a wash and a sleep it will be yummy supper time soon, and I Meow, Purrr, had better go and say sorry to Willow I do luvs her but she is quite moody, does any other kitty have such a moody sister as I have, can you tell me how to get her in a good mood?  that would be so very purrrfect well please come back and read my blog.
                                                                                                  luv loads

                                                                   Tigerlily  x   Willow  x       Gypsy  x

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  1. Ha ha Tigerlilly, love the 'who me??' innocent look on your face when you're busted pinching the crystals! Darcy and Sookie have the same look everytime a houseplant mysteriously empties all it's soil out onto the floor...