Friday, 12 August 2011


Meow, Purrr, hi there you lovely kittys, friends, and woofys, and all the other lovely creatures in the world, my mum has been telling me and the girls about other animals out there, and how hard it is for a lot of them, some don't get treated so good, and some really really badly,  that is so very sad, but there is a lot of very Meow, Purrr, kind peoples that do a great job helping and looking after the needy animals my mum says they are very wonderful peoples, and they deserve a mention. me and the girls think they are very purrrfect.              We are very lucky kittys and want for nothing, my mum and dad are always very Meow, Purrr, kind to us all so we are very lucky, we have been very busy sleeping and my favourite eating, yummy food my mum is on the typy thing for me, and my dad is mowing the lawns, me and the girls are watching him going up and down with the big noisy thing and then he tips the grass into the compost bin, We haven't seen the geese today mum wants to film them so hopefully she can soon, me and the girls are getting really sleepy now so scuse us beauty sleep time, move over Willow you are in my bed,  " I was here first Tigerlily",  "stop arguing kittys you have loads of beds to choose from" please come back and read my blog that will be so very purrrfect. 

                                                                       luv loads,

sleepy Tigerlily
                                                      Tigerlily  x Willow x   Gypsy  x


  1. Enjoy your snooze! We like to watch our Daddy mow the lawn too!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. Oh you are beautiful kitties indeed! Mr Darcy and Sookie say hi (well... meow!!)