Monday, 15 August 2011


    Meow, Purrr, hope you have a really nice day, better than us three, me and the girls have had a horrid horrid day, my mum came in to feed us are yummy brekky and clean are litter tray, I was so excited to have my yummy brekky and then oh no what is this horrid looking stuff, ( I did hide the worm granules but it did not work ! what a fuss ) my mum is on the typy thing its all her fault, then when we did not eat it all she took the bowls away no treats!!! nothing how horrid is that, I went to sleep very hungry, "Tigerlily if you had all got on and eaten it,  it would have been all done in minutes instead of all day and I would have given you more food and your treats."     I am not going to  wash my face today," Tigerlily if you dont wash your face today my mum will wash it for you tomorrow", ok Gypsy I will do it later when I get my yummy supper, and then mum came in again with the same stuff we know there is something in there who is she trying to fool you cant get any thing past us kittys we knows every thing, we did eat some more and then mum gave us some yummy supper so we wont be hungry tonight, I hope there is no more horrid stuff tomorrow, ( Has any one got any other ideas on cat wormer I have tried the spot on but Gypsy gets a bad reaction, they hate the  pills being put down  there throats,Willow would not like that, and I would like to keep the use of my hands, all ideas would be a great help please, so we don't keep on having this problem)   Meow, Purrr,   At last I can speak my mum does keep on please come back and read my blog that would be so very purrrfect, luv loads.
                                                                  TIGERLILY  X   WILLOW  X   GYPSY  X


  1. Until Darcy and Sookie caught on to what I was doing, I used to wrap their tablets in a little bit of sliced ham or chicken and they'd gobble it straight up! Now they are resigned to having it dropped down their throat =^..^=

  2. Has your Mum tried using pill pockets to get those nasty worm pills into you? Pill Pockets are sold at vets in the UK now. Our Mum is wary of Profender the spot on from the vet, she says we are restless/subdued for a couple of days after using it so we aren't going to have that one anymore. Those over the counter spot on treatments from Pet shops are a definate no no because many cats have become seriously ill after using them. Some of the tablet wormers from the vet can be ground down with 1ml of water and administered via a syringe?(much less painful for us than having pills rammed down our delicate throats)Drontal and Millbemax might be ok to use this way but best to check with the vet first.

    Those are lovely pictures you have posted!

    Gerry & Oliver

  3. Hi there, Tigerlily,
    I'm glad you got some yummy food in the end! I work for a pet food brand and would you to send you some to review if you would be interested?

    My email is or 0208 870 6777
    Best wishes,