Friday, 26 August 2011


  Meow, Purrr, hi there how lovely of you to come and visit my blog, my mum is on the typy thing for me cos I wanted to show you some more pics of the heifers and bull, me and the girls have loved watching them again today, we hope you like my new look blog I choosed it nice and fresh looking, its what me and the girls see every day here in the country, we had some nice treats again today yummy, and I had to have a groom and horrid, my face washed, me and the girls, luv climbing up on our climbing frame to see the lovely views, and see what we can see everyday well we are all really sleepy after all of the fun watching the cows in the field we luvs them, please come back and read our blog that will be so very purrfect, my mum says that there is concern that our human friends, in america and kittys and wooffys and other animals, have a hurricane Irene heading towards them, we all hope and pray that it will not be as stong and that you will all be safe and ok we are thinking of you and wish you all well.  luv loads.

What a handsome boy


             Tigerlily  xx       Willow  xx      Gypsy  xx

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  1. That's a very handsome bull. We're glad that Hurrican Irene wasn't as bad as expected and we're very glad we don't get storms like that here, but did you know that Birmingham in the UK has more tornados than anywhere else in the world? Weird huh? It's troooo (apparently)

    Gerry & Oliver