Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Gypsy and Tigerlily
Great big machine
We so loved watching these great big machines
Our yummy supper,
        Meow, Purrr, hello how lovely of you to come and visit my blog, my mum is on the typy thing for me we are so excited me and the girls, we have had a lovely view of the great big machine in the field, " it was cutting the crop my dad said it was the combine", we really loved watching it this morning, my mum stayed with us cos we were a bit frightened at first,  my mum said "You are ok kittys you enjoy your selves and watch it, its been a long time since they have had a crop in that field it is usually just grass for the cows" my mum took some pics for me so I can show you, Purrr, Purrr, so that was all great fun, then me and the girls watched our wooffy friends playing in the garden Merlin is so funny with his toy pheasant he is always carrying it around with him, well me and the girls are very sleepy now and we need some more beauty sleep a kitty can never get enough of that, we will soon have our yummy supper, Meow, Purrr, so please come and read my blog that will be so very purrfect.  Luv Loads, Tigerlily  xx   Willow  xx   Gypsy  xx

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