Monday, 29 August 2011


Merlin with his pheasant

   Meow, Purrr, hello how lovely of you to come and read my blog, me and the girls hope you have had a really nice day, we helped my mum clean out our cat house today, I was sick again all over Willow early this morning so my mum has had to wash all our beds, Willow was not very happy, so she is very bad tempered, so I am keeping well away from her as she keeps giving me the nasty looks, I do hope she will cheer up later,  we also watched my dad doing some weeding, and my mum was playing with our wooffy friend Merlin and his pheasant, my mum is on the typy thing for me and has put on the pic she took today of Merlin  he is so very cute, Purrr, Purrr, we did not see the calves today, I hope we do tomorrow they have stayed over the other side of the feild my mum said.   Well its our yummy supper time now goody, Purrr, Purrr, so I am off through the cat flap, so please come back and read my blog that will be so very purrfect.
                            luv loads,   Tigerlily xx    Willow  xx    Gypsy xx
Sleepy Tigerlily
Little Willow


  1. Aw, poor Willow. We bet she didn't like you getting sick on her. We hope that doesn't happen again. Merlin does look cute with his birdie!!

  2. We hope you are ok Tigerlilly and Willow cheers up. It can't be much fun being vomited on! Merlin is like a lovely woolly bear!

    Gerry & Oliver